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Momotaro Jeans – Gold Label

by on Jul.25, 2010, under Fashion and style, Headlines

Golden Sunday morning. Sun is shining with a wonderful 20 degrees Celsius weather. Perfect. Good enough to sit outside and blog. For a while already I have been planning a little write about the Gold Label Momotaro Jeans. The ultimate pair of jeans that takes a year to produce.

Gold Label - Momotaro Jeans

The jeans are (as per my knowledge) one of a kind in the world as no-one else is producing such delicate works of art as the demand for mass produced single use clothing is ever increasing. Needless to say, the price is high as it is with any artisan product that takes enormous amount of working hours and attention to details not to mention all natural materials. All of the jeans are dyed using natural indigo which is fermented using sake and natural indigo plant but most talked of jeans are the G001-T Gold Label jeans which are fully hand made from beginning to the end.

Gold Label Selvedge

Gold Label

The denim produced with hand loom takes a whole day just to weave one meter of the fabric. The Gold Label jeans are artisan made products with each product different from one another as you cannot copy a hand made product and make it exactly the same. The natural indigo dye and weaving result depend on the environment and even the weather. The jeans have a very beautiful blue and the jeans are washed in the essence of Seto Sea water. Due to the deep natural indigo dye, the jeans don’t fade like other labels but retain their color nicely.

I can just imagine how these babies would wear in. The fit is pretty awesome although I would have to special order a pair in order to get ones that fit my tall frame. But never say never. It is easier said than done though, as these jeans are all seasonal goods that are produced for special orders. The entire production is a community event, with the local people taking part in the production process. The profit from the jeans is then shared with the community as well. The process from picking up the plants for dyeing, choosing the right cotton and yarn and then dyeing the yarn with the rich natural indigo blue. Not to mention that the actual fermentation of the indigo dye is a delicate process which involves using Sake and “growing” the dye stuff as it is playfully called with utmost attention. The dye actually includes living bacteria that requires patience and right skills to produce the beautiful Japan Blue color.

The dyes yarn is also different as with the natural repetitive dyeing process the entire yarn is dyed blue and thus it will not wear in like the traditional denim which uses yarn only dyed from the top using most often than not pure indigo or synthetic indigo dye.


As mentioned the elements like weather and temperature affect the production from the dyeing to weaving process. During a hot weather the dyeing result as well as weaving are totally different in terms of hue and density. Thus two pairs of gold label jeans are never alike. But same applies to every hand made artisan product, it is impossible to mimic the hand made work. This is also part of the awesomeness of these type of Vintage jeans.



The buttons of the G001-T design are Sterling Silver but the G003-A and G003-O for instance feature copper buttons and rivets. Even the inside pocket fabric and lining are all hand dyed with natural indigo.



There are not many brands in the world that still retain the mentality to produce such items. I have seen jeans that fetch even higher price than any of the Gold Label jeans, and I can honestly say they don’t even come close to the detail and quality possessed by these jeans. Again pictures can only show so much, where as seeing the jeans live is a whole different thing. So hope you get a chance to see these jeans yourself at some point in time.

I still have a Copper Label project update to post but until then, stay cool everyone… Sunday is just starting. Peace.

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