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Railcar Fine Goods is a Los Angeles based brand/company that operates from a small workshop in LA producing all of its own goods. Railcar doesn’t use any side contractors but does everything from cutting, sewing and stitching by themselves. Railcar Fine Goods has remained independent while growing across the US borders and Nordic Denim House is proud to be the first to offer Railcar Fine Goods in the region. The brand is an authentic denim brand that produces all of the goods by hand and uses Vintage tools to produce the garments limiting every batch to only small numbers retaining exclusivity of the brand and products.

Steven Dang, the founder of Railcar collects old industrial sewing machines which are used for the production of the goods. According to Steven “Railcar only uses the highest quality fabrics such as Japanese and American fabrics.” At Railcar it’s all about the denim making process and of course the end result which highlights the attention to details and skillful construction of the garments. The team behind the jeans is not one of those big budget conglomerates, but rather a handful of dedicated individuals who run a small detailed operation, making fine jeans and garments.

Honest clothing made by real people.

Railcar Fine Goods