7 Popular Weight Loss Diet Plans

Many people benefit from being in a weight loss plan. However, when choosing a diet for you, there are many things you should consider. You enjoy watching the diet? It is very stressful if you do not like being on a diet. Can not be forced to eat do not like. Losing weight is difficult when you are stressed. The more you hate the food in your diet, but the temptation to cheat and eat to your favorites. You should also consider the health aspects of diet that will take. Will you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need? If not, then do not have a health risk.

If you are overweight or not so super, take some time to think about diets and to thoroughly review what are its advantages and disadvantages. Health should be the number one priority, so do not be too impulsive choice. The help of a good nutritionist is required. This article will help one way or another to get a bird’s eye view of diet plans weight loss common to choose from:

1. Balanced Vegetarian Diet

* It consists of fruits, vegetables and foods that originate from plants.
* Recent studies show that a vegetarian diet has a 30% lower risk of heart related diseases.
* There are different vegetarian diets that range from strict to lenient.

– Food vegan diet

Vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, grains

– Lacto-vegetarian diet foods

Dairy products like cheese and yogurt

– Lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet foods

Eggs only

– Diet Food flexitarian

Occasional consumption of fish, chicken and meat.

Since there are complaints about the vegetarian diet is nutrient deficiency, here are the nutritional guidelines for you to know what vegetables are good to eat.

– Iron (in the transport of oxygen to the lungs and body parts)

Spinach, beans, wheat, soybeans, lentils, broccoli, black eyed beans, potatoes.

– Calcium (responsible for bone strength)

Alfalfa sprouts, asparagus, bamboo shoots, soy milk, soy nuts, soy beans, pickled broccoli, mustard greens, and fortified juices.

– Vitamin B12 (which also helps increase energy production of red blood cells)

Beet cabbage, Brussels sprouts.

2. Low-fat diet

Grease has always been the main reason why obesity is increasing significantly these days. Therefore, there are many options available to choose a diet low in fat.

* Use low fat oils (olive oil, canola oil) for cooking.
* Use non-stick pan that has been thoroughly cleaned after a session of frying to avoid too much oil in the food.
* Make sure you have fresh vegetables in your diet and avoid canned products, which are usually preserved in salt.
* Eat lots of legumes such as beans, lentils, chickpeas, black beans, eyes and others.
* Make sure you are buying pasta is made from whole wheat.
* Avoid dressings like mayonnaise and thousand island sauce, however, opt for the Worcester sauce or soy sauce for decoration and flavor.
* Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

3. The South Beach Diet

* One of the top 5 diet plans to lose weight in the country today.
* Never allow hunger and food deprivation.
* It is divided into “three phases”.

– Phase 1

It lasts about 14 days. This is the strictest phase as there are strict regulations about what they consume. The carbohydrates are avoided and poultry products, fish, turkey, seafood, usually eaten with vegetables, nuts, eggs and cheese you eat, but in moderation. Coffee and tea is allowed but in moderation.

– Phase 2

This phase is much easier than the first. It will last until the desired weight. Foods rich in carbohydrates that is removed from the diet was reintroduced. You can eat brown rice and whole wheat bread, but not a white bread.

– Phase 3

This is the stage where your body is already set to begin a lifestyle that will be taken for life.

4. The diet of cabbage soup

* It is one of the seven days that the weight loss diet plans is the goal of weight loss in a short space of time.
* The diet of cabbage soup requires the consumption of seven days with all meals.

Day 1: Cabbage soup and fruits (unlimited and any fruit except bananas)

Day 2: Cabbage soup and vegetables. A baked potato with butter for dinner is permitted.

Day 3: Cabbage soup and a combination of fruits and vegetables (except bananas and potatoes)

Day 4: Cabbage soup, milk, bananas and skim milk (up to 8 bananas consumed during the day)

Day 5: Cabbage soup and beef 350 to 500 grams with 6 slices of tomato.

Day 6: Cabbage soup, meat and vegetables (excluding potatoes)

Day 7: Cabbage soup, rice, vegetables (excluding potatoes) and fresh fruit juice.

5. What is the raw food diet?

* The raw food diet lets you eat any raw food.
* Raw foods include fruits, vegetables, nuts, fresh fruit juices, nuts, seeds, legumes and cereals.
* Some raw food processing can also be done as blending, crushing, sprouting, soaking and juices, if not to add dairy products or sugar in it.
* Boiling raw foods can not be done.

6. Zone Diet Plan

* The Zone diet is a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates, fat-controlled eating plan.
* This is unlike most high protein diets because it allows a wider range of foods to be taken.
* This diet believes that a human body reaches its effectiveness when the body is consuming all foods with carbohydrates, proteins and fats. As such, the body will work in the area full of energy that causes weight loss.
* The protein tends to make you feel full and thus helps prevent snacking.

7. Cookie Diet Plan

* The cookie is made with fiber, protein and other ingredients to keep you full.
Eat 4-6 cookies a day will give you about 500 calories.
* Dinner can consist of lean protein and vegetables.